Our Rates and Policies

Read through the information below to get a better understanding of the general policies here at RISPA, as well as our registration and tuition rates. For additional information or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is happy to help!

Fees and Tuition

All payments are nonrefundable.

Registration Fees:
One student - $35
Sibling - $25
Any additional sibling - no registration fee
Early enrollment (before June 1) prior to season opening in August: registration fees waived with advance payment of tuition for August.

Tuition - Open Classes: 
All payments are nonrefundable. Tuition can be handled in three ways:
  • Monthly - Ten monthly payments due on the first of each month.
  • Full Tuition – payment made for the entire ten-month season reflecting a 10% discount - cash or check ONLY.
  • Split Tuition – Two payments, August and January, for half of the season reflecting a 5% discount – cash or check ONLY.

Auto Pay
For a one-time fee of $10, we will store your credit card in our system and draw the tuition at the beginning of each month. Auto-pay charges do not incur the credit card transaction fees.

Credit Card Fees
We do accept credit and debit cards but will add a transaction fee of $2.50 for charges under $100 and $5 for charges $100 and over. If you plan to use a card for tuition payments, we recommend being on auto-pay. 

Late Fees and Returned Checks
Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month. Payments made after the 10th will be assessed with a $10 late fee. Payments made after the 15th will be assessed with a $20 late fee. Returned checks will be assessed with a $30 fee. 
RISPA Students

General RISPA Information

Tuition is based on the entire year (August - May), so some months may have five weeks, some only three due to holidays. Missed classes are not eligible for refunds. If classes cannot be held due to unforeseen closure, makeups are available. We follow the Fulton County Schools schedule and inclement weather procedures.

Withdrawing from class – Written notice (email) is required before the next month's tuition comes due.

RISPA reserves the right to withdraw any student from class enrollment for any reason deemed appropriate including excessive tardiness or absences, disruptive or offensive behavior, non-compliance with studio rules or non-payment of any account charges.

Account statements and announcements are not mailed — please check your emails regularly for important information. RISPA Newsletters go out every other week. Tuition reminders will also be sent via email.

Recital and Costume Fees
We anticipate that all students will participate in RISPA’s spring recital in May. 
Recital fee is $75 for the first child and $40 for each sibling. Recital fee includes two complimentary recital tickets, a video link to the recital, and a participation award.
Costume fee is $75 per class (pre-company technique and non-performing classes excluded).

The above recital / costume fees must be paid in full by end of January.

Note: Company Members please refer to Company Information on this website for tuition and fees.

Please see Private Instruction for information concerning private vocal, piano, acting, and  guitar lessons.

Class Attendance
Consistent attendance at classes is extremely important for all performers. Please arrive on time for all classes, dressed in appropriate dance attire. Your classes will begin with warm-up exercises. Warm-up is a necessary part of dance classes that helps dancers prevent injury. Students can be dropped off for class 10 or 15 minutes before class time. Please call RISPA if a student will be absent or very late for class.

Parents of pre-school and kindergarten children are asked to be sure to have their child visit the restroom before class begins so there are no interruptions in class time. It is the responsibility of parents of young children to pick up their children immediately after class, as we cannot be responsible for unattended children in the studios. If you have encountered a problem on the road and will be late in picking up your child, please call and inform the front desk. 

Observing Your Child's Class 
In order to maintain the attention of the students, discipline during class and to avoid interruptions in the teaching atmosphere, parents, siblings, and observers are not allowed in the classrooms at any time unless specifically invited for a particular reason. Classroom doors are not to be opened during class times. For observation purposes, RISPA has a 52-inch split-screen TV and individual viewing screens for each individual studio and music room for viewing classes in the lobby. There are also professional one-way-mirrored observation windows in all four studios.
RISPA Students practicing at the Studio

Studio Etiquette

RISPA requests and expects students and parents to be respectful to instructors, other students, and other parents. Please refrain from profanity, negative attitudes, harmful behavior, hurtful gossip and disrespect in any form in our studios. Anyone engaging in such conduct may be asked to leave. While students, parents, siblings, and observers are welcome in the lobby, we ask that there be no running, shouting, or disruptive behavior in the lobby or elsewhere in any of the classrooms, changing rooms or hallways. Children not taking classes must not be left alone without adult supervision. Eating is allowed on the tables provided in the lobby, but please cleanup before leaving. Only water bottles are allowed in the classroom studios—no food, sodas or gum.

In the interest of safety, please park and come in the studio to drop off and pick up your student. The designated drop-off area in front is for dropping off only of ages 7 and up.

RISPA is not held responsible for accidents or injuries caused by acts of any person(s) on the premises in the capacity of student, account holder, parent, guardian, or guest. Hereinafter enrolling a student assumes responsibility for the enrollee. Further, the enrollees understand that rude or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated; Enrollee is required to obey rules and directives concerning behavior. The undersigned is responsible for supervision of enrollee before and after class times and will promptly pick up enrollee after class(es). RISPA will not be held responsible for enrollee’s welfare. The enrollee hereby agrees to abide by all the terms set forth in this contract and as delineated in RISPA Enrollment.

General Policy and Rules
Enrollees acknowledge that they have been informed that this program is not a licensed childcare facility. Enrollees also understand this program is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state licensure requirements.

RISPA is released from any responsibility of your student before or after class times. Children 11 and under are not allowed to wait outside without a parent or guardian. Students 12 and over may be allowed to wait outside with their parents’ permission.
Upon your enrollment or participation (adult or child) in any RISPA class, camp or function, it is understood that RISPA is granted permission to display any images of you or your child in photos, images on website, videos, posters, or ads featuring your student. 
RISPA Students

2017 - 2018 Tuition

Download and view our 2017 - 2018 Tuition PDF for detailed information regarding our tuition fees in full, split, and per-month payments.

at 678-620-3500!

"We have loved RISPA since day one! 
The owners are second to none and truly make it feel like a family. The choreography and instruction are both stellar. My girls have excelled so much since starting at RISPA almost 6 years ago! They have not only gained singing and dance experience but also confidence in public speaking and presenting for projects at school."

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