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As the premier performing arts school in north Fulton County and the surrounding area, RISPA provides a variety of classes in many disciplines tailored for those just beginning to those Broadway-bound. Read through the class descriptions below to learn more about what we offer, and find the styles that suit you best. 

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Ballet: Ballet is a classical form of dance that provides a strong and solid technical base for all other forms of dance. These classes are very technical and consist of barre, center floor, and progressions across the floor.

Creative Dance: Our creative dance class was developed specifically for preschoolers. It's taught in a joyful environment that's designed to make dance a fun experience while providing our youngest students with a strong foundation in dance and movement.

While learning the basics of classroom behavior and manners, we'll introduce your child to the elements of dance (hopping, skipping, and jumping), beat and time, musical rhythm, simplified ballet steps, limbering exercises, coordination skills, left and right discrimination, and patterns of movement.

Additionally, we integrate all of those physical concepts with the intellectual concepts such as self-awareness, creative expression, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop is a fun and energetic, freestyle form of dance that evolved from break dancing, street dancing, urban, and jazz. It has become one of the most popular forms of dance in existence today! All Hip Hop classes at RISPA are taught and performed with positive music.

Mini Hip Hop: Mini Hip Hop is a class that's specifically geared for younger bodies. It includes all the basics and fun as regular hip hop!

TLC Hip Hop: This fun and energized hip hop class is designed specifically for our special-needs students, ages 9 and up.

Jazz: Jazz is a fun and upbeat style of dance that stems from ballet. It combines today's stylish moves with energetic, popular music. In our jazz classes, we focus on core strength, flexibility, and technique.

Lyrical: Lyrical dance is a contemporary style that's based on ballet technique. It makes use of form and dance to tell a story.

Modern: Modern dance is a contemporary style with roots in both ballet and jazz techniques. It features more abstract movement and uses a less strict foundation to express ideas.

Musical Theatre: Our musical theatre classes incorporate elements of dance, acting and self-expression, voice, and performing techniques. In this class, our students learn what it would be like to be a star on Broadway.

On Camera (Acting): The On Camera class covers acting techniques, characterization, projection, and presentation. We make use of video and our green screen so that students can view their own performances and receive unparalleled feedback. This is a non-recital class, meaning it does not perform in our RISPA recital.

Stage Coach: Stage Coach is a 3-hour program that encompasses a combination of dancing, acting, and singing. It's is structured to strengthen the talents of students wishing to perform in more than 1 category of performing arts. Our midweek Stage Coach class meets for 2 hours.

Mini Stage Coach: Mini Stage Coach is designed specifically for our younger students. It is a 2-hour, Saturday morning program that lasts from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon). It covers dancing, singing, and acting.

Tap: Tap is a truly American style of dance that challenges students to integrate rhythmic patterns using their feet as an instrument. Our tap classes focus on beat, timing, rhythm, and coordination.

Additional Notes:
RISPA offers several combo classes that incorporates ballet and tap, ballet and jazz, and jazz and tap.

Accelerated and Pre-Company classes are available for students who wish to prepare themselves for auditions for our Company Competition Team.

Private instruction is available for students of all ages. Contracted private instructors are available for voice, piano, guitar, acting, and artist development.

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Most caring owners and family atmosphere. My daughter has learned so much and is encouraged by the staff to keep on singing and dancing.

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